Special Education :

Special Education aims to support a child towards academic development by understanding and addressing individual differences and needs. The special educator uses alternative teaching methods, adapted equipment, materials and accessible settings to make and monitor individual educational plans.

Commonly children with learning disabilities such as dyslexia,  communication disorders, emotional and behavioral disorders  ( such as ADHD) , physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and developmental disabilities such as autism spectrum disorders and intellectual disability and many other disabilities that need these services. 

Assessment :

The assessments are done to 

  • identify the child's academic potential 

  • areas of academic strength

  • areas of challenges 

  • making a diagnosis

  • for the certification process


  • Clinical interviews with parents/ primary caregivers

  • Review of school books and exam papers

  • Formal psychoeducational assessment using norm-based tools and observations.

Plan of Action:

At butterflies, the diagnosis along with the inputs from multidisciplinary team leads to making a customised plan for the child including home based and centre based interventions based on the child’s interests, strengths and needs.

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